IMERT has signed MOU with Deshp group for Nelda. Nelda is a CSR initiative by Deshp group for Plantation and Conservation of trees.

Memorandum of Understanding

  • Deshp and students of IMERT will participate in various environment protection activities including tree plantation on Sundays at various places in and around Pune. Such activities will be planned and all implements and other materials will be arranged by Deshp. Students & faculties of IMERT will actively collaborate and put efforts into such activities.
  • IMERT will make available its infrastructure for the purpose of such activities to Deshp at the convenience of both the parties. Deshp will arrange programmes and other activities with the use of the infrastructure.
  • Both the Parties will jointly promote the activities on various media platforms including newspaper, magazine and social media. Deshp will put appropriate information about such activities including the name of IMERTand its participation on Project Nelda’s website and online media marketing platforms. Similarly, IMERT will also put appropriate information about such activities including the name of Deshp group and its participation on IMERT’s website and other media marketing platforms.

Nelda Recognition Certficates

Institute of Management Education
Research and Training (IMERT)

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